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How to Join this Forum

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Welcome, friends and neighbors!

Rose Lake Forest is full of good neighbors, and this Forum is designed to help us get along even better.

You'll notice this Forum now requires all guests to register an account before they will be allowed to read any of the other posts. This is mainly because spam has become a problem, and statistics show that forums set up this way automatically receive much less spam.

We've also had to disable automated registration. This is because no one has the time to scroll through literally thousands of spam messages posted by bots that found a way past our security gateways, trying to find the few messages that might have been posted by legitimate members.

When you register an account on this Forum, it will sit there until it is manually approved by a moderator. The only way to get your account approved, is to send an email to

The email must include the username you used when registering the account. If you own property within Rose Lake Forest, I will appreciate if you'll please tell me which lots you own.

Registration requests for which I do not get accompanying emails with the above-requested information will be summarily deleted.

Why should you register? This Forum contains a library of past and current newsletters, maps, and other helpful information. It's also a great place to discuss what goes on in the Forest. When you already have an account, it makes it much easier to comment on something you've read.

Please note that once you are registered and your account is activated, your first three posts must be approved by a moderator before they will appear. Again, this helps eliminate spam. After that, your posts will appear normally, immediately when they are posted.

Welcome to Rose Lake Forest. I hope you'll decide to join us here in the Forum.
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