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Forum is Back Up!

Post by Developer » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:08 pm

After an unexpectedly lengthy absence, this forum is back up.

Some months ago I logged in and checked the Forum, only to find more than 30,000 spam messages had been posted by spambots. These messages were never seen by subscribers, because the Forum is set so that newly registered users must have their first three posts approved by a moderator. This helps weed out the spammers.

Unfortunately, the software is not easily capable of dealing with that many unwanted messages, even when they never make it to the live Forum. It took me some time to sort it all out. My apologies for taking so long, and thanks to those who emailed to let me know you miss the Forum.

I've implemented some additional anti-spam features, including outfitting this website with its own SSL certificate, so hopefully we won't have as much trouble going forward.
Gregory Wood
Trustee for PRTC Trust, Developer

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