South RLF, Lots 101, 102, and 103

This is a place to give notice if you see a case where someone may be living outside their boundaries.
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South RLF, Lots 101, 102, and 103

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Today I found the front irons for South Rose Lake Forest:
NW corner Lot 100, and
North corner shared by Lots 100 and 101,
and the monument lying 19.63 feet east of the NW corner Lot 103.

I measured west, 19.63 feet. Did not see the iron, or hunt for it, but I did observe that the folks who have a house on Lot 102 appear to be using this twenty feet for a turnaround and parking area. They may mistakenly believe the monument is their lot corner.

From that point, measured 95 feet across the front of Lot 102 and observed they seem to be using approximately 20 feet over the west line of their lot as well.

I spoke with a woman who lives there, and she said they do not know where their back lot line is. I found their SW corner, so this may be a help to them.

I notice there is a new place cleared on Lots 100 and 101. A driveway comes in on 101, and a camper is parked on 100, with this appearing to be a single campsite. Trees are cleared on both lots. I don't know whether the same person owns both lots. If not, then someone may have cleared some trees from the wrong lot.

I tied ribbons around both north corners of Lot 100, so these boundaries should be easy for the owner to find now. Also found and marked all the back corners for Lots 100 and 101.
Gregory Wood
Trustee for PRTC Trust, Developer
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