Important Discussion Regarding the Trails

Discussion for or against purchasing the 30 acres of Trails behind the Forest
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Important Discussion Regarding the Trails

Post by hostmaster » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:35 pm

The Developer has made a proposal to the Association regarding the 30 acres of Trails behind Rose Lake Forest. You can read the proposal in-full by visiting this link:

Please read the Develper's proposal, and leave your comments in this Forum. Everyone's use and enjoyment of the Forest will be affected by what happens to these trails!
Thank you.

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Re: Important Discussion Regarding the Trails

Post by Developer » Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:47 pm

I'd like to thank the property owners who have contacted me regarding the Trails.

A great many of you thanked me for the years our family allowed, or at least never objected to the use of the Trails land for hiking and riding. Nearly everyone I spoke with, including those who said they never used the Trails, said the Association would be crazy to not buy the land, when it could be had for a one-time payment of a hundred bucks per property owner.

One of you even told me you'd like to start a Save the Trails! campaign, to raise awareness. I encouraged you, and I was encouraged by all of you and your kind words. Thank you; all of you.

Alas, June 1st has come and gone, and no campaign has come forward. Neither has anyone from the Association contacted me with plans for the Trails. I'm not surprised. I really wasn't expecting it.

In offering the Trails to the Association, I've accomplished two important things:

  • All the property owners, and even the general public who finds this website, now know the land we're referring to as the Trails does NOT belong to the Association, but is private property owned by my family.
  • Having been given the opportunity to acquire the Trails, neither the Association or any of the individual property owners have a legitimate complaint in no longer being able to use this land.

I'm planning on being up there soon, with my son Caleb. We're going to start marking off this land-- finding the corners and flagging the boundaries. At the same time, we will be posting it with No Trespass signs.

I've already had quite a few inquiries about this land from property owners. I have also mentioned it to many people outside the Forest, who have contacted me about buying lots. This land should now be considered Off Limits for hiking, trail riding, hunting, and any other use, unless you have prior written permission from me. If you are interested in buying it, you may contact me through this site, or through
Gregory Wood
Trustee for PRTC Trust, Developer

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