getting to the trails

Discussion for or against purchasing the 30 acres of Trails behind the Forest
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getting to the trails

Post by warren26 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:35 am

the way i used to go to get to the trails is blocked now. someone has a camp right in the trail i used to ride on. can they do that? i can still get there another way but what if that gets blocked off to?

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Re: getting to the trails

Post by Developer » Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:13 pm

Hi warren26,

You didn't say which way you've been using to get into the Trails, but I think I can guess. Looking at an aerial photo I can see a trail that starts on Osceola Ledge, right about where it intersects with Lookout. The trail heads southeasterly through Lot 95, goes across a part of South Park, and then goes through Lot 88 and comes out in the cul de sac for Canyon. Then it looks like it goes through the NE corner of Lot 81, and into and through Lot 82, where it comes out into South Park again, and then into the Trails.

Last year I met the fellow who just bought Lot 88, and I saw where he has set up a camp there. So if he blocked off the trail going across his lot, I'm not surprised.

The problem here is not him blocking the trail, it's that the trail has been in the wrong place for a long time, and no one ever did anything to change it until now.

Property owners whose back property lines touch South Park can, of course, get to the Trails right out their back door. Other RLF property owners should get to the Trails by using one of the places where South Park touches the county road. Here's a map that shows South Park in green, and helps you see the access points to county road:
southPark.gif (64.76 KiB) Viewed 2873 times
As you can see, there's an access point on Osceola Ledge, that goes along the East side of Lots 118, 112, 111, and 110. There's another that goes along the North side of Lot 104. Another runs along the West side of Lot 95. One runs between Lots 92 and 93, and one runs between 74-75 and 76 (Note: The owners of 75 appear to be encroaching on this access with a garden. RLF property owners have the right to use this space as a trail, and even pick their vegetables [sorry folks]). The last one runs along the backside of Lots 61-to-70.

Those access points are part of the land owned by all RLF property owners, and managed by the Association. As long as you stay on the park, you'll always be able to get into South Park that way.

Of course if the Association does NOT acquire the Trails, then I'm going to sell that land, and you'll be limited to staying on South Park. Hopefully that won't happen, and you, along with all the other RLF property owners, will have access to the Trails forever.
Gregory Wood
Trustee for PRTC Trust, Developer

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